Student Standards of Conduct

Expected and Encouraged Student Behaviors

Students will: 

1. Attend school daily, on time, and actively participate in all classes.

2. Produce quality work that meets the highest classroom standards.

3. Bring all necessary materials to class including completed assignments and homework.

4. Set aside time every day to complete homework.

5. Limit television viewing and read daily.

6. Know and follow all school and class rules.

7. Respect themselves, the school, classmates, staff, family, and community.

8. Use appropriate language at all times when communicating with others.

9. Avoid negative peer pressure and activities. 

10. Regularly communicate with their parents and teachers about their progress in school.

11. Commit to remain in school with an objective to graduate on time.

12. Believe that they can learn and will learn.


Our school is committed to expecting and maintaining the highest standards of mutual respect, integrity, responsibility and positive communication among students, staff and parents. We need the cooperation of all stakeholders to provide safe and secure campuses that foster student success in academics, attendance, and conduct.